Lynette K. Conat is a Life and Wellness Coach and Consultant working locally  in St. Petersburg, FL and globally via Skype. She is an high level intuitive using energy psychology to assist clients with specific mind to body restructuring that transforms their experience and perspective allowing for new potentials to actualize.  Using the complexity of an integral map and understanding, coupled with her unique intuitive skills to diagnose difficulties creates a potent process for transformation on nearly any issue as well as creating an expanded frame of reference for clients that brings purpose and meaning to previously disconnected and confusing difficulties regardless of where those difficulty arises. To assist the process of transformation over all aspects of life, an Integral Life Support Practice Program can be uniquely designed and facilitated for clients to create the lifestyle, performance, and health changes they desire within a structure of support and ease.

Lynette K. Conat, MA
The Sanctuary
5111 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

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Integral EFT is dedicated to using an Integral view to facilitate the release of energy patterns that anchor thought, feeling, and belief patterns that can underlay painful body symptoms, dysfunctional behaviors, disappointing performance, and emotionally triggered traumatic episodes.


Each quadrant on the left represents an environment we, as humans, experience. Integral EFT recognizes the full complexity of the energetic human condition and uses an Integral map to distinguish source patterns that contribute to limiting behaviors, pain, dysfunction and dis-ease.

The key to Integral EFT resides in the Upper Left Quadrant where beliefs, feelings and thoughts influence all three of the other quadrants. EFT, as an energy modality operates on the energy patterns in the Upper Right Quadrant that are connected to the beliefs, feelings and thoughts in the Upper Left.

These beliefs, feelings and thoughts, whether developed as a result of childhood experience, trauma or inherited from our parents, influence our world and the way we operate in it. While Integral EFT is not magic, it is the cutting edge of the post modern integral world of health and wellness.

Integral EFT is particularly efficient at relieving body/mind disorders such as TMJ. Using Cranial Sacral TriRelease and EFT together, the soft issue surrounding the temporomandibular joint is released along with the emotional stress holding the patterns in place. Look for more information coming soon!

For more information, or to schedule an appointment for consultation, please contact Lynette @ (727)424-1410 or She teaches Integral EFT to groups and is interested in research partnerships. Integral EFT (by appointment only)